Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sources for our stuff

I've been trying to keep up with the questions about our house, so I thought I would go ahead and post an addition to our source list on the house tour. When I made the list, I tried to include sources that people could actually seek out if they wanted a particular piece, and while I included some mentions to hand-me-down furniture, or Craigslist finds, I didn't want to bombard the list since most of our furniture was either thrifted, given to us, or carried with me from childhood. That being said, I'll will source some more of my stuff in hopes of answering your questions and addressing any future questions.

Piano: handed down from my grandparents
Rug: brand is Kaleen, the style is Bombay. I got it at a discount store [Marshall's, I think]
Chair and ottoman: Craigslist
Paint color: Distance from Behr
Curtains: Pottery Barn, they came with the house
Pillow cover: from either Syria or Iraq, gift from my brother

Stencil: from Hobby Lobby painted with Rhino from Behr. This room had wallpaper in it before, so we didn't have to compete with textured walls. In my past life as a muralist, though, I have stenciled over textured walls, and the trick to doing this is making sure your stencil is secured well either with painter's tape or spray adhesive, using a very dry brush, and pouncing the paint on. Also, latex paint tends to seep under the edges, so you can use something thicker, like acrylics to help prevent this. Just make sure you seal it afterwards.

Table: Pottery Barn outlet, not sure if this design is still available, we purchased it 9 years ago.
Chairs: hand-me-downs repainted [for the second time]. I took the easy way out this time and spray painted them in Aqua from Rustoleum. The fabric is from Joann fabrics 

Union Jack ottoman: Home Goods

Box house in the corner: blog post about it here.
Correction on the yellow stripes: Citrus Zest from Behr
Armoire: antique from my childhood

Bed, chest of drawers, vanity: Antique set given to us. Bed and drawers were painted in a soft white, the vanity color is Dragon Fruit, Behr.
Chair: trash find. I can't remember the color, but the fabric is from Joann fabrics.
Dollhouse: handmade, mine from childhood

Chest of drawers: hand-me-down antique painted in Tomato from Glidden.
Map mural: painted in a shade darker than the wall color...I drew a couple of guidelines and the rest was free handed.

Chair: antique found on Craigslist
quilt: made by my mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, and daughter

Cubbies: garage sale find
Chest of drawers: hand-me-down
--both painted in Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Glidden, knobs from Hobby Lobby
Chair: garage sale find painted in Tomato, Glidden, and covered in fabric from Joann fabrics.

That's all my brain can conjure up for now. I hope I've answered all the questions. If I haven't, let me know.


nessa dee

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Angie Castillo said...

Thank you for including the paint color for your daughter's vanity. I've been wanting to paint my childhood desk for my daughter and that color would be perfect.