Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello, Monday!


:: I carried my new and improved chair back into my studio, and realized how poorly a job I did painting the thing. Three coats, and I gave up. This paint did not cover that well, but we'll just say it's antiqued and leave it at that.

:: I'm working on a little project for the baby's room. Yes, I know I'm missing an H.

::Look what I snagged at some garage sales this weekend. My globe collection has finally increased to more than one.

:: The baby's quilt is finished! So far, Audrie, both of the baby's grandma's, and one great-grandmother have had a hand in making this quilt. How special is that? Now, if I add a few stitches, I can say I helped as well. :)

Happy Monday!


nessa dee

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Jacci said...

love it :) we have some of those reproduction flour sack fabrics in a bunting in my son/daughter's room. I love the one with the ribbon running through it.

Very special little quilt.