Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Portrait Session

Every couple of months I decide it's time to get the kids dressed up, and have their portraits taken. Being a picky mom with an artistic eye, I just can't haul my kids to the nearest department store and get their picture taken seated neatly in front of a "blue clouds" backdrop. Nope, that would be too easy. Also, being very cheap, the idea of shelling out $500+ for a professional photographer to come out every time I need to update my photo albums doesn't seem too practical. The solution? Convert my breakfast room into a makeshift studio, and take the photos myself. This process involves removing furniture, stacking chairs on top of the table, draping fabric over the chairs to create a backdrop, and trying to convince a toddler to stay in the "studio" for more than a minute so Mommy can take his picture. On this particular occasion, I chose a set of chocolate brown curtains as the backdrop to offset the outfits the kids were wearing. Within the first 2 minutes, the backdrop fell. After I re-draped the curtains over the chairs, this time using clothespins to affix them to the chairs for extra support, I got the kids situated and start again. One picture later, the backdrop came tumbling down for the second time. At that point, I decided to move the backdrop over to the wall, using duct tape to hold it up. The duct tape proved to be too weak. So I threw out the backdrop idea entirely, and with that out of the picture, I was freed to focus solely on the picture taking......and that is precisely when the sound of the lawnmower buzzed by the window. The portrait session was over. After 2 hours of fighting cheap backdrop solutions and trying to get a 1 year old to look in my general direction, we decided to go outside and watch Daddy mow the lawn, and I managed to snap a few extra photos. Now, if only someone would print them out in a nice portrait package and deliver them to my door!


Donna VanCleve said...

Wow! You are off to a great start-- pictures and writing. I'm so glad you've started this. Love u all.

Susan Roeder said...

I know now why the Good Lord gives children to young women. I was exhausted by the time the duct tape came out, and I was only reading. Loved the photo of only the chilren's feet behind the blinds, at such an appropriate time in the story. Your creativity knows no bounds, Nessa. Love you and your subjects so much, including the one pushing the attention magnet lawnmower.