Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Better late than never.

My baby boy turned four at the end of July. FOUR! I missed doing his birthday post because we were traveling on the big day, one of four trips we took last month. It's been a busy July, and things haven't slowed down for August, but I'll tell you more about it in my next post. For now, a very late birthday post, just in case August ever looks back at these and wonders why Mom forgot to wish him a happy fourth birthday.

Little boy...what can I say about you. You have enriched our lives so much. Your independence and confidence amazes me. You "know" things even if you don't know things. You have a hunger to learn, and when you set your mind to achieving something, you will see it through until you're satisfied. You have already taught yourself how to write and are a confident speller. Your most recent letter reads DEOL AUGUST HABTPY (Dear August, Happy Birthday).

You seem to be following in your sister's footsteps when it comes to music. Thanks to her, you've learned how to play several songs including Silent Night, House of Gold, and Chopsticks, and you took it upon yourself to learn March from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. (Thank you Little Einstein's)
You are quite the ham, and are learning the art of making jokes, though, like your spelling, your jokes don't always make sense. Lock-lock jokes are among your favorites, and the punch line is always "Yes."
We laugh every time.
 Sweet boy, what a blessing you are. Though you are four, going on 24, you are and always will be my baby.
I love you so much.