Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Pictures 2011







nessa dee

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello, Monday!

This morning:

:: I’m loving my view from the windows. My trees are on fire right now…a little late in the season, but so worth the wait! They wash a beautiful golden hue over the whole interior of the house.



:: I’m trying to figure out where I can find an old piece of driftwood and a bunch of old pocket watches to make this tree:


I’ll also have to convince Finn to let me borrow his measuring stick and turn it into a star for the tree.

:: I’m going to start a collection of old balustrades to turn into another Christmas tree, like this one:


:: I’m wishing I had a fire pit like this one:


:: And a little bunkhouse like this one:


:: And a glass case full of this stuff:


:: I’m thankful for the time we spent with family this past weekend, celebrating Christmas and my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary.


:: And I’m trying to decide which Christmas picture to put on my Christmas cards…maybe this one:


Or this one:


Or this one:


Happy Monday!


nessa dee

Friday, December 16, 2011

I thought I was a wizard

A couple of days ago, Audrie ran inside yelling that we had an owl in our backyard, but that it looked a little strange. I was thinking that this must be some sort of sign given that this was our third encounter with an owl in half a year. Since we’ve been listening to the Harry Potter series for the past couple of months, I naturally thought that we must be wizards. So I grabbed my wand and camera, and ran outside to capture this owl on film and intercept any messages that it might be bringing from the wizarding world. After trying several times to transfigure myself into a bird [all that Hogwart’s training has been useless] I gave up and took pictures of our feathered friend from far below the tree on which it was perched, only to discover that it was not a strange looking owl, but rather a large hawk enjoying a lovely meal of mangled squirrel. I snapped a couple of pictures, threw my paintbrush, I mean, wand down, and gave up on the prospect of being a wizard, and then ran back inside and wrote a howler to Dumbledore for even tempting me with the prospect of being super human.

[Warning: These pictures contain images of a mangled squirrel. Please don’t look if you are easily grossed out, like me. I posted these with my eyes shut.]





[The last three pictures were taken by Audrie]

So much for my future career.


nessa dee

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Me, singing in the car: Audrie, you sing harmony, and I’ll sing melody, and together we will rule the world!

Finn: Mom, only God rules the world.


Holding a Lincoln Log to his mouth like a mustache: I am British!


Eating a cow shaped lollipop: I hope this cow enjoys tummy heaven!


Mom, you made me lose your temperature.


After having eaten a blue lollipop, of which most of it got on his face: I’m turning into a Smurf.


Every night, Daddy’s beard grows bigger, and when he gets up he has to charge his shaver so he can cut off the beard on his mustache.


Mom, I wish I had lost my tooth when I was four because then I would have a medium boy tooth, and then when I was five I would have  a big boy tooth.


My mess is too long!


After making a picture of an exploding volcano: Look at my interrupting volcano!



nessa dee

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello, Tuesday?

I’m sorry for my absence. I keep telling myself that I’m going to blog more than twice a week, but it’s been hard to find the time. I’ve been trying to get things ready for Christmas, trying to finish things up for the Christmas play, trying to remember that I’m homeschooling my kids, and trying not to implode from the weight of all the stress.

This morning:

:: I’m almost finished with the backdrops. I just can’t seem to muster up the energy to get it done. At least I’ve had some help along the way.


:: I’m considering taking my kids Christmas pictures today even though it’s foggy outside. The next two days it’s supposed to rain. I haven’t told the kids yet, but, somehow, one of my two kids is already dressed for the occasion:


:: I bought these for someone else, but I have a feeling that we’re all going to be wearing mustaches over the next few days.


:: I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. Yay! Ok, I still have a lot to get, but I know what I’m looking for, which is 90% of the battle.

:: This is what my table looks like right now:


Even though we have a designated workspace upstairs, things tend to trickle downstairs. Sadly, the rest of my house doesn’t look much different.

:: Jonathan rolled up our rug the other day to clean the floors, [I know, what a dear!]. Since then, it’s become the perfect terrain for some serious Lego action.


Well, I’m off to paint.

Happy Tuesday!


nessa dee

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa…




Dear Santa,

I Red heartu. I want an air force army man suit with a big fake, black BB gun, and nerf long shot, and Lego police officer station, and [with the air force army man suit] 1 fake black pistol and 1 fake black knife.

Red heartFinn


After he finished his letter, I found him doing this…


And behind him? A giant mess of toys…


But there are too many new toys that haven’t graced our game room floor.

Oh the joys of Christmas.


nessa dee

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello, Monday!

Today I’m…

:: Enjoying my Christmas d├ęcor, especially the garland along the bannister.





[Thanks for helping me decorate, MiMi!]

:: I’m not enjoying the everyday tasks, like laundry, that overshadow the beautiful decorations.


:: Loving our stocking letters. Our set of stockings from previous years were mismatched, not in a cute sort of way, but more like a last minute, “I need to buy another stocking,” sort of way. I inherited these matching stockings from my dear Aunt Susan. We added the painted letters to indicate whose stocking is whose, and I think they are just the bees knees.



:: Working on some backdrops for our church’s Christmas play.


::I also designed the ad for the Christmas play. It came out in our local paper this week.


:: Did I mention that Audrie and I are in the play as well?

I’m trying not to stress.

Happy Monday!


nessa dee

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Countdown Begins!


The kids were so quick to get their candy, I couldn’t get a good picture. They wouldn’t pose for me either…something about wanting to eat their candy. Oh well.


25 days left…is anyone panicking, yet?

[I am]


nessa dee