Saturday, January 31, 2015


Just another digital doodle.
nessa dee

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's hard to find time these days to allow myself to explore with art. The time I do have to create is usually dedicated to specific projects. But I relish the moments when I sit down and draw with no real purpose other than to play. This little digital doodle was just that. I'm still not very confident in Photoshop, but as with anything, it gets easier the more I do it.

Now if only I was able to explore without the constant interruptions of a very loud two year old.

nessa dee

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


As I mentioned, Jonathan and I made a quick trip to New York City over the holidays. It was a last minute idea squeezed into a schedule already packed full of holiday travel plans, but it was worth it. We flew in early Friday morning to make the most of the day. We visited the MoMA, a must on my list since I had missed it on my first trip to the city.

I've shown this last painting to my art students and kids many times, but had no idea it was this large. It was fun seeing it in person.

After the MoMA, we went to grab a bite to eat before heading to an improv comedy show. Since we had a little extra time, Jonathan suggested that we should go see some Christmas window displays before catching the subway. But I soon found myself running behind Jonathan, who had miscalculated the time, in a panic to catch the train. He seemed very nervous and quite upset about the possibility of missing this show that cost a whopping $20 total for tickets. The whole time on the subway ride, Jonathan was fidgeting with his phone, checking the time. I really couldn't understand why he cared so much, but then again, we are big fans of improv. Once we reached our stop, Jon said we had two minutes to make it three blocks, so we sprinted, and made it inside before they shut the doors. We ran downstairs to the basement to get the tickets. I noticed a strange person with familiar hair, standing in the corner with a scarf wrapped around his face. I turned to Jonathan to ask about the tickets, and turned back to see my brother standing there in front of me! Unbeknownst to me, Jonathan had arranged for my brother and his friend, Blake, who live in DC, to meet us in New York for the weekend. All of the panic over the prospect of missing a little improv comedy show, really stemmed from an almost botched surprise.

The rest of the weekend was spent going to shows, acting like tourists, and laughing...a lot.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, exhausting, but so much fun. I think we should make a trip to NYC an annual Christmas tradition.

nessa dee 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It's funny how a time in your life can seem like ages ago and yesterday all at once. 
Today my sweet little artist, this beautiful little face, turns fourteen.

What a joy it's been to see this tiny girl blossom in to such a beautiful, talented, intelligent, and hilarious young woman. 

Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter.

I love you.