Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oink, Moo, Neigh, Baa

The farm has come to my studio! 

These little guys are my latest works. They were super fun to make. I experimented with the backgrounds a bit, and I love the result. To me they are reminiscent of old crazy quilts which fits so well with the farm theme. They will be available for purchase as soon as their done with their photo shoot for Gallery Direct.

nessa dee

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

These Two

 I love to watch these two together. They have a funny relationship. It's somewhat of a love/hate relationship.

 He loves to give her hugs.
She hates to receive them.

He loves to hide her chew toys.
She hates when she can't find her toys.

He loves to poke her belly.
She really hates being poked.

Trixie's a curmudgeon. She always has been, and she's very quick to tell anyone when she's being bothered. With August, sometimes her her growls are unwarranted, but most of the time, they are voiced as a result of his torments. He takes a little too much pleasure in torturing her.

But it's not all bad. Trixie's become very aware of the benefits of having August around. He has a habit of throwing his food off of his high chair tray, and Trixie's always right there to catch it. August is very good at playing tug of war, one of Trixie's favorite games. Trixie finally has someone that doesn't mind getting his face licked. And these two have become quite proficient in the art of squirrel watching.

Since August joined our family, Trixie has gained five pounds, been poked and prodded, had hair pulled, been sat on and tormented, and has had to compete for attention which August mostly wins. But she also found in this little spitfire, a companion, a friend, a playmate, and someone who's quite generous with his food.

nessa dee

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Aren't these paintings beautiful? These are the works of my students from the art class I teach on Fridays. I am so proud of these masterpieces. I'm tempted to keep all of the pears because they look so pretty on my art wall, but as proud as I am of my students, I'm sure their parents will be ever so much more.

What a whirlwind week. I mentioned in my last post that baby Gus had been sick for a while, but with his immune system down, he ended up getting bronchiolitis and developed pneumonia. He's been on breathing treatments and meds for the past week, and he's doing much better, although, the steroids are making him quite irritable. I'm very thankful that we caught it early, and it didn't develop into something much worse. Needless to say, we've spent a lot of time snuggling on the couch, and he's getting a bit tired of all of the extra hugs and kisses.

nessa dee

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


:: happy robot ::

:: happy colors ::

:: happy curator ::

:: happy hands ::

:: happy hair ::

:: happy baby ::

:: happy, happy ::

I can't tell you how ready I am for spring. [I know, join the club]. The few teaser days of warmth and sunshine have been glorious! Between the roller coaster weather and many rounds of winter colds, we've been cooped up for quite some time. My poor little Gus has been sick for two weeks now. Every time I think he starts to improve, the cold shows it's ugly face again. But it doesn't slow him down one bit. He's still a tornado of destruction and cuteness, although perhaps a bit crankier. I've been itching to get the kids out and get some spring pictures of them, but runny noses and chapped cheeks, combined with icy conditions and a camera shy teen would equal three cranky kids and one monster mom. So, I have to settle for taking pics around the house of happy colors and a happy [semi-compliant] baby.

And with that I bid you "Happy Tuesday!"

nessa dee