Thursday, June 30, 2011



Me to Finn and Audrie: I love both of your freckles. They’re one of my favorite things.

Audrie: I love your freckles, too, Mom.

Finn: The pimple on your face is rrreeeeaaalllly red. It’s right there. You should look at it.


Upon getting a receipt after buying a toy with a gift card:

Mom, here’s the receive for you to hold.


Audrie: Ooooh, now I’m almost invincible.

Finn: No, actually Audrie, we can still see you.


DSC_0061Referring to a deflated inflatable mattress:

Audrie, we can’t sleep there, it’s already been blowed down.


Shortly after leaving the house to go to San Antonio, we pulled into a nearby shopping center to pick up a pair of sunglasses for the trip. When we climbed out of the car, Finn said:

So, this is what San Antonio looks like.


After visiting the Alamo, and getting a plastic Bowie knife souvenir:

Mom, can you hand me my boobie knife?


DSC_0200Pretending to push buttons all over my uncle, making all kinds of sound effects to accompany button pushing:

There, I made your face into a smiley face.


Finn: Mom, I want to have lots of jobs when I grow up.

Me: Like what?

Finn: I want to be a pilot for airplanes like we fly in and for airplanes like those [pointing to the B-2’s we were watching on TV].

Me: What else do you want to be?

Finn: Ummmmm, uhhh, hmmm.

Me: Do you want to be an astronaut?

Finn: No way!

Me: Why not?

Finn: Because you have to wear diapers.



nessa dee

Monday, June 27, 2011


I apologize for my absence lately. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. We took a lightening fast trip to San Antonio over the weekend of which I took a billion pictures, we went out to the lake for an afternoon in 100 degree weather [fun], but mostly I’ve been working on a project with a deadline fast approaching. Here’s a glimpse of the work:


I’ll share more when I can, but until then, enjoy the suspense that I know you must be feeling right now.


nessa dee

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unidentified House Guest

This strange man appeared in our living room the other day. I’m not sure who he is or how he got here, but he seemed nice, though very quiet.



He got along really well with the kids, so we let him stick around until nightfall. Then, as mysteriously as he appeared, he disappeared and I haven’t seen him since.


nessa dee

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father’s Day…

….and belated birthday!  I’m so glad my kids have you for their daddy.



I love you!

And to all the other dads in my life, happy Father’s Day to you, too!


nessa dee

Friday, June 17, 2011

IF: Launch

T-minus 10…9…8…7…



nessa dee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hogwart’s Came Calling

The last few days at our house has been very exciting. We’ve decided that one of us must be a wizard [me, of course] and that Hogwart’s is looking to recruit that magical person [me] to attend the school. Why? Well, they’ve sent their owls to deliver the invitation! However, the owls must have dropped the letter along the way, but we’re expecting new owls anytime. In the meantime, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the little family of screech delivery owls that graced our trees for a couple of days. And thanks to our daughter’s knowledge of owls and our trusty encyclopedias, we’ve learned all about these creatures.

One of the things we learned was that these owls are monogamous, so we assumed our little family of fowl consisted of a mama…


a daddy…


and a very sleepy baby…


We watched for two days as these birds slept in our trees then awoke at night to feed.


They kept their eyes on us as well.


They have now disappeared from our trees, [probably to go find the Hogwart’s invitations they dropped], but we enjoyed their short visit and learned a lot while they were here.


nessa dee

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Prints

Coming soon to my shop near you!





nessa dee

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My budding artists

My children love to draw. For Finn, inspiration will hit and he’ll churn out about 5 pictures in 3 minutes [usually maps] and be done with drawing for several days. For Audrie, it’s an all consuming passion. She draws everyday, several times a day, having a seemingly endless array of ideas that she just has to get out of her head and down on paper. Her passions right now include dragons, Pokemon characters, comic strips, and any kind of animal.
I just recently bought each of the kids a sketchbook to use over the summer. Finn, in his usual manner, found a red pen and filled half of the sketchbook up in two minutes. Here are a couple of his masterpieces:
[‘8 Year Old Boy with Mustache (because it’s silly)”]
As for Audrie, she’s meticulously choosing what to fill her sketchbook with, making sure the pages are reserved for only the best of sketches. Here’s her works:
[“Self Portrait”]
And here’s one subject that is quite popular with both of the kids. Can you guess who this is?
nessa dee

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Works in Progress



nessa dee

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finn’s Room

Someone has been begging me to paint his room for the past month…no months…no year, so last week, when he was away, I finally started. Here’s a sneak peek:


For size reference, I called Finn away from one map…


to pose with the other…


It’s not done yet. If you recall, I still have to add all of the stuff mentioned here:


Me: Finn, do you want me to paint a big map on your walls with pirate ships in the water and cowboys on the land?

Finn: Yes, and I want me fighting the cowboys.

Me: Oh, you want me to paint you as a cowboy, fighting the bandits?

Finn: No, I want me as a pirate fighting the cowboys. And I want me flying an airplane, and me on the moon, and me as a police officer, and some Halo guys, and a robot, and a rocket ship.


‘Twill be a challenge, a challenge I’m not sure I can tackle, but I will give it my best.


nessa dee

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Even though bunnies have eaten half of me garden, I’ve still had a decent crop. Potatoes were the biggest success, and while I’m still watching my tomatoes produce, I’m competing with the birds. As soon as one starts to turn red, it becomes a feast for the for the foul fowl. But I’m learning through experience the measures I need to take for my next little garden.


It’s funny how so little a crop can produce such a large feeling of pride.


nessa dee

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Hairy Situation

I know you all have had an earful about one hairy little child of mine and her out of control locks. Just look at that thing… DSC_0173          But it’s those crazy brows and that scruffy mustache that make us very fond of her. I honestly don’t think I’d like her as much if she wasn’t so hairy. All this cuteness has made her extra squeezable, which brings us to a new problem. Did you know that mustaches are contagious? I sure didn’t, and I sure wouldn’t have nuzzled this dog so much if I knew it would lead to this:


It’s not just me…the condition has spread to the rest of my once facial hair free family:



On the plus side, having mustaches makes us feel quite dapper and sophisticated. We are now prone to pursing our lips, having a quizzical brow, and thinking with our hands on our chins.



Well, some of us are. This one…he’s embracing his monstrously hairy new look in other ways.



nessa dee