Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cloud 9

This past weekend I attended the Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators working conference in Austin, and what an amazing two days. I've been attending this conference, as well as the SCBWI Houston conference every year since 2013. Each experience has been unique and an integral part of my illustration journey. I have gleaned so much from the numerous authors, illustrators, editors, art directors, and agents that share their knowledge at these conferences. I've also found a wonderful community of authors and illustrators who are a great source of encouragement and inspiration.

This year I left the conference on cloud nine. Not only did I come away with a head chock full of new ideas, but I also took home the grand prize in the portfolio showcase! I am beyond excited and want to say a huge thank you to the judges, Candlewick Art Director Kristen Nobles, and Caldecott winning author/illustrator Molly Idle, for awarding me with such an honor, especially in a region that is full of extremely talented illustrators. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

And now it's back to the drawing board to take everything I soaked up at the conference and let it imbue my art.

nessa dee

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life According to Gus

:: Can you take off my seat belt? [Referring to his belted pants]

:: Gus: I spy something blue it's Daddy?
    Me: Is it Daddy?
   Gus: Yes! Yea!! Good job!!
:: Audrie: I spy something silly.
   Gus [starts dancing]: Is it me?

:: This is the one last time bite. [His version of "one more bite"]

:: After taking a sip of his first ever Cherry Limeade...
   Gus: Mommy, this burns my throat! Here you try...
           [I take a sip]
   Gus: See how it burns my throat?
           [I take another sip]
   Gus: NO! Only one drink!

::  While using the bathroom...
     Gus: Mommy, I'm a dump truck.
      Me: How are you a dump truck?
     Gus: See, I dump water out of my penis, and dirt out of my bottom. :/

:: I'm going to measure my foot. [Steps on scale] My foot is 40.

:: Momma, close your eyes. I've got a surprise for you. [Leads me into his bedroom.]
   Just one second...
   Just two one seconds...
   It's going to be really great for you....
   and open!
  [Shows me a train which he proceeds to wreck]

:: Look at that bird, Momma! It's a Lockingbird!

This boy...he certainly keeps us on our toes, and entertained.


nessa dee