Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 2

After getting up a little late, we checked our list of things to do in New York City, a list that, thankfully, our super organized, NYC visitor veteran Aunt Susie put together for us. (Otherwise, we probably would've spent all of our time trying to figure out what we could do instead of actually doing it.) So, we started day 2 with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We decided that in order to keep the visit manageable with two kids, we would only visit two galleries, the European paintings, and American paintings. Now, I knew the place was going to be big, but I just didn't realize how massive it actually is until after we spent 3 hours roaming through ancient armor and Egyptian artifacts trying to find the European paintings section. By the time we found it, we had to rush through the collection before the growl of our hungry stomachs grew so loud that it would ignite panicked patrons to reenact a scene from Cloverfield. We decided that we would have to catch the American gallery on the next trip. Our next stop was Central Park for lunch. With spring in full bloom, the cherry blossoms were gorgeous. We grabbed some lunch, and proceeded to picnic in the park to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Finn decided to skip the main course, and go straight for dessert. Smart boy!
After lunch, we strolled through the park to take in a bit more sunshine and a few more sites. In general Popsie fashion, my father-in-law separated from the group for a brief moment only to reappear with a chocolate ice cream bar. I have to say, if we were ever lost in a remote, uninhabited jungle, Popsie could wander off, only to return a short time later with a hot dog, or Frito pie. He has a knack for disappearing and reappearing, holding some sort of delicious treat. It's a specialized skill really. We let the kids "have tea" with Alice and the Mad Hatter for a while before returning to the hotel via subway. After a short rest and refuel, we got all decked out to go see Mary Poppins on Broadway. The show was absolutely fantastic, and watching Audrie's face, even more so. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera along that night, but a few pictures were taken by some of the others in the group, so I'll have to post those later. After the walk home, we were pretty exhausted, so we hit the hay, and recouped for day 3.


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