Saturday, August 16, 2008

Around South Texas in 5 Days

My kids, mother and I recently took a trip around South Texas to visit family. Here are some highlights of our adventure:

*Playing with the nine dogs owned by my aunt and uncle. When we arrived at their place, they welcomed us to what they called their "animal rescue shelter" aka their house.

*Entertaining sweet baby Heath. My daughter asked if we could take Heath home and leave Finn there. I guess it's a lot easier playing with someone who's not yet old enough to voice his opinion.

*Driving the Polaris for the first time. From this little experience I've learned that 1. my daughter is a speed demon, and 2. she's not getting her driver's license until she's 30.

*Riding ponies and horses. Horse riding is always a favorite when we visit PaPa, and I'm sure riding Itty Bitty will be a must every time we stop by cousin K.K.'s.

*Stepping out on a pier in Corpus Christi. It was a windy day, and Audrie lost her favorite visor. Finn would go to no one else but his great-grandpa, so they sat and watched the windsurfers together.
*Exploring the huge, sea-weathered park on the coast. Finn, looking at some tires that were half buried for kids to climb on, informed me that we needed to put the tires back on the tractors. He was very adamant about the whole thing, until his sister needed some guidance on the monkey bars. "Stop, Audrie! You're too little! That's dangerous!" I believe were his exact words.

*Getting acquainted with the newest member of the family. The filly, which Audrie named Callibry Xane, was very interested in Audrie, but paid no attention to me when I attempted to pet her. Oh well, it was fun watching the curiosity she had towards the kids, and the familiarity she showed with my dad. (She tried to eat his hat, which I assume she's attempted before.)

*Helping PaPa out around the house....which means feeding animals, riding a tractor, chasing chickens, discovering "treasures" and getting covered in red dirt. At one point, I found Finn relaxing in a hole dug by Rowdy the Corgi. It's just how I imagined a little boy to be.

*Eating ice cream at the DQ. What could be better in 107 degree weather than a Butterfinger Blizzard?
We had a wonderful time visiting family. Calling Jonathan to give him a report of all we were doing, he said that it's a wonder our kids don't rebel, and refuse to come home to our critterless house lacking in acreage and big machines to drive. I still don't know how we manage to drag them away when it's time to leave. But, I'm thankful for these experiences gained, and for portable DVD players to ease the lengthy trip home!

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