Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Month of Gratitude: Day 24

I'm thankful for....

Jon: Hot showers. ** Jonathan gave me a short list of things he's thankful for, and I'm just trying to make it go further by repeating things. Just kidding. I've been really tired lately and can't seem to speak in complete sentences, much less keep up with what I've written so far. It was actually supposed to be Friday night cheat meals.**

Ness: My brother (who's mad at me right now for posting the picture of him playing with the dog and her rope. So I'm trying to make it up to him by posting some nice pictures from a photo shoot I made him do to satisfy the inner photographer in me).

I made my cousin go, too (I'll post some of her shots later), and in a moment of goofiness, we got one of my my favorite shots...

Thank you, Harvey, for inviting us into your barbershop and letting us take pictures. It was a delight to see the history in your shop.

Audrie: The beautiful sky.

Finn: Choo choo trains.


Abby said...

How many times does Jonathan get to use "hot showers"?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gig 'em Aggies! Whoop!

yoon see said...

Today is your big day. Happy & blessed birthday Nessa:)

Jenna said...

Hey Don't forget to email me the pictures both with Gov Perry and Taylor, please, ma'am. :)