Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Always look on the bright side of life....

(I don't know how to spell a whistling noise.)

I wasn't going to post more nitty gritty life stuff, but this is getting a little silly. I had about 3 hours of sleep last night, collectively. Finn 's still in the thick of things. He seems to be fine during the day, eats, drinks, plays, but the virus shows its ugly face again each night. Audrie joined in the fun last night and the poor thing didn't get much more sleep than I. I found myself doing laundry at 1:00AM, and the three of us ended up sleeping in the living room. My dining room is still a mess. To top things off, I went to put my glasses on this morning and they broke. (I'm starting to think the eye doctor did a little more than adjust them at my last visit.) And where's Jonathan in the midst of all this? He's living it up in Vegas. Actually, he's there for a conference and is supposed to be speaking tomorrow, so we're praying he doesn't catch this stuff!

So, what's the bright side of all of this? Here are some thoughts that have been keeping my spirits up:

-I'm fortunate to live in a place where I can hop in my car and drive to the nearest store a minute away to pick up necessary fluids and medication.

-I'm just steps away from a washing machine and can do laundry as needed...even at 1 in the morning.
-I have a fridge full of the caffeine necessary to make it through the rest of the day.

-I have a comfortable bed to sleep in, and if that doesn't work, I still have a cushy couch that I can curl up on to catch some shut eye.

-I have an excuse to wear my pj's and watch movies all day.

-I'm just a phone call away from a nurse who can advise me on how to best care for my kids.

-I can take a nice hot bath to relax after a long night.
-If need be, I can load the kids up and drive 15 minutes to the doctor to get them checked out.

-I finally get to buy a new pair of glasses, or take up soldering.

This whole situation has made me really appreciate the luxuries we have. I don't ever like my babies to be sick, but I'm thankful that we have access to help and comforts that make these situations more tolerable. We are very blessed.
And, because I'm a very visual person and like pictures to accompany words, I'm posting a few pics just for the sake of visual stimuli. Plus, they make me smile.

Batman stew.

Audrie's homemade Eve (from WALL-E) costume.

I just like this one.

Okay, this one makes me laugh. This is Jonathan sporting the 70's stache I talked him into wearing on his first day back at work this year. I can't believe he actually did it. It was quite hilarious.

Hopefully things will start getting back to normal real soon....I've got some artwork and shop news to share!

A very sleepy Nessa Dee

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yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing Nessa, I always enjoy dropping by to see how you and your children & family getting along.
Just so uplifting and positive. Loving all the bites you share.
Enjoy your craft projects too, you are so busy with them.
I am now combining comment on your other posts. I like the patchworks you did just remind me of my childhood beadspread.
Lovely colours selection and co-ordination.
Do you intend to sell them in Etsy?
Good luck:)
Your dog sitting so contented in the brief case....Ha..Ha..
Bye...take care and until the other time we will meet again for more commenting.
Happy blogging, happy crafting, happy motherhood and etc.