Thursday, February 25, 2010


Each year PaPa Jack likes to treat the kids with a trip to the rodeo. I’ve been to the same rodeo almost every year since I was two months old. It was something that I anticipated as a child, but now I just love seeing how excited the kids and my dad get in sharing this experience.




rodeo4 rodeo5

[My goober daughter tried to flip down the Batman slide and fell on her face. We got a pretty good laugh.]




We usually try to catch a few carnival rides before we leave, but just after we enjoyed ice cream in 70 degree weather, a storm blew in, dropped the temperature about 25 degrees in 10 minutes, and windy conditions shut down the Ferris wheel, the one thing Finn wanted to ride.rodeo9

So, we called it a day, and headed back home before we blew away.

Thanks again, Dad! We had fun!


nessa dee

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Tammy said...

rodeos are the most fun form of entertainment I can think of.