Thursday, July 8, 2010

At the moment…

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been a good blogger lately. My postings are sporadic and hastily put together, and there’s been a lack of art in this [art + life] blog. The thing is that life has been quite hectic at the moment. I have never been a very organized blogger, but I usually had a bit more time to think things through and I was taking a lot more pictures that prompted post ideas. Right now, though my life has been consumed with trying to get the house put together and trying to mark things off of my ever-growing home improvement to-do list. Plus, I’m working on a big illustration project…at the moment. So if you really want to know what my life has looked like for the last few or five or eight weeks, take a gander at these lovely photos…








See, not too lovely. In fact, pretty messy. But I know with all of the chaos there are lights at the end of each tunnel, and the more I work at each project, slowly but surely the brighter the lights become. Take Audrie’s room for example. Hers is the first picture in the chaotic ensemble above. Although we’re not quite done with all of the details, we have now managed to get it to a point where she can actually sleep in it. [The first time since the first night in our house!]

Want a sneak peek? Sure you do…


Quite cheery if I do say so myself! I love how bright the room is now. It looks like spring. And I promise, when we get all of the details done, I’ll share pictures of the whole room. But for now, it’s back to the chaos.


nessa dee


Jade said...

oh my goodness, I need to come visit just to sit on that gorgeous window seat with your gorgeous daughter and talk about books and art and sunshine all day long. How GORGEOUS.

Annie Napolean said...

Really like all that is happening around ^^..shall look out for more posts :D