Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I see the light

at the end of the tunnel. I am relieved to announce that almost all of the big projects I’ve embarked on lately are in the final stages of completion. While the sigh of relief that accompanies the end of these endeavors is only momentarily enjoyed before I enter a new “tunnel” of projects, it feels good to be making progress. Of the things I can cross off the list, I think the biggest has to be the staircase:








This was a doozy of a project, but I’m glad we did it. While the before wasn’t bad, I’ve never been a fan of blonde colored wood. [As to why we bought a house that was filled with it, I don’t know] With the addition of the dark floors, the blonde banister looked out of place, so being a huge fan of black painted anything, it took no convincing on my part to change the look. And I love the results! I might have killed a few brain cells inhaling fumes while sealing this sucker, and worn my nails down to nubs removing the tape, but I’m so happy with the result, me no care I not smart and got no nails.

I finished and hung Audrie’s curtains:


I painted Finn’s chest of drawers:


They’re old and a bit beat up, but they were free and I sure do like that price! Finn even helped to stage the picture:


And yes, the drawer pulls are a bit crooked. I aim to fix that, but it’s not at the top of my list. Plus, it kind of fits with the crooked, antique look of the piece.

Last but not least, I give you a sneak peek of the much anticipated [on my part] shelves:


They are getting filled as we speak, and once they are, I’ll show you the whole thing.

I’m so excited to have a place for all of our books, and I’m trying to not get too caught up in their arrangement. I find that I’m wanting to only display our prettiest books, but if I start hiding books under the bed again, that would defeat the purpose of having the shelves.

Now, it’s on to tackling the gameroom mess. I like to think that a tornado came through and created the mess, but it was me and my lack of focus who did so. I thought I’d try to reorganize the whole upstairs before finishing my other projects. As a result, we are currently living in what looks like a hoarder’s house until I can find the time to finish what I started. But, on a positive note, my game closet looks amazingly organized! Too bad it’s behind closed doors.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some news to share!


nessa dee


Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Looks wonderful! The banister really looks nice with the sealed glow. Love Finn's and Trixie's parts in this, too.

Jenna Lorelle said...

Wow! Everything looks amazing! You go girl!