Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello, Monday...

I love to watch my sleeping babes. As my children grow, I see their changing faces. With every added week, month, year, the round, pudgy innocence starts to fade, being replaced by distinct brows, strong jawlines or cheekbones, and gained knowledge. But for some odd reason, when my children sleep, they still look like those sleeping babes that are forever etched into my memory.

I can only imagine what August will look like when he's older, but I know that this sleeping face will grace his pillow for many, many years.

I hope this Monday finds you all well. We are getting over colds that cropped up suddenly. The one good thing about lazing around all day, fighting a cold, is that I wasted time scour the internet for ideas.  They're mostly illustration ideas, but as one thing lead to another, I happened upon many great craft ideas. I hope to implement at least one this week!

Happy Monday!

nessa dee

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