Monday, June 24, 2013

On the grid...

I fell off the grid last week. It wasn't intentional, but it was much needed. The kids and I spent the week visiting family and being bums. We stayed at the Roeder Resort [our Aunt Susan's house] which has a pool, lots of good treats, and a fabulous hostess who has a knack for spoiling people. The internet was being fickle, so I used it as an excuse to lay off social media and just be lazy for a week. It was nice. The kids swam enough for a whole summer.  I did a lot of sketching, and even more eating of the cookies.

These few sketches are from the week:

But now we're back, and I'm trying to blog with a baby fussing at me, all the while picturing that wonderful lounge chair out by the pool, sketchbook in one hand, cookie in another, baby sleeping in his grandma's arms, kids happily swimming. It was a good week.

nessa dee

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