Thursday, May 14, 2015

The World According to Gus

The following statements are observations straight from the mouth of Gus.

- "Momma, your teeth are wronging."

- "Momma, don't make me go to prekool, and don't make me come home cause it makes my tongue go up and down. "(How Gus described having the hiccups)

- Running to the door one morning, he looked out the window and asked, "Where'd the moon go, Momma? Is it hiding in the dark?" I melted.

- Heman's montra: "By the power of preschool!"

- After putting on a pair of boots, "Look! I'm a cowboy horse like PaPa Jack!"

- Me: "August, that was some pretty singing!"                                                                                    
  Gus: "You're welcome, Momma."

- At a roller skating rink: "Momma, I need car shoes!"

- Hiding under a towel: "Look, Momma! I'm upside down! I go up, and then I go down!"

- "Is it upside down, or upside up?"

- Gus: "Is Trixie (our dog) a grill or a boy?
  Me: "She's a girl."
  Gus: "Where's her earrings?"

Honestly, I don't know why this child is such a ham.


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