Thursday, March 13, 2008

IF: Garden

A garden of stars illuminates the sky. The moon in its place to tend to it.

I have been contemplating getting prints made of some of my work, and would love to have any advice or suggestions on how to go about this process. Any recommendations, tips, things to avoid, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great rest of the week!



Curious Art said...

Nice concept & a lovely piece.

Ursula Shaw said...

Great take on the garden theme. The moon is fantastic!

KarinaCocq said... gusta la sulileza que tiene...hermoso jardín de estrellas...


scribblesk said...

What a unique take on topic and very well done as well!

takako said...

a garden of stars! i love your unique idea!

thanks for leaving a nice comment!

donna said...

Oh, I want to get this moon together with my sun! Nice piece, I think getting prints would be a great idea.

RyanLoghry said...

Wow, I really like this one. All the sublte colors in the moon, and the little white washed shapes amongst the stars. I'm not sure how you did them, but they have a very whimsical feel. Nice work.

As for printing, I've used Overnight Prints for postcards before, they offer good quality, good service and price and have a quick turn around time. I'm going to use for greeting cards. I've read good reviews, and I believe recomends them. I hope that helps.

m. heart said...

what a beautiful moon!

i've used for my own postcards and highly recommend them. i also recommend modern postcard in california for postcards, greeting cards, business cards etc (if you want at least 250 cards). i'm an art director, and have used modern professionally for years.
good luck!

silverfish said...

So soft and beautiful. What a lovely face!

(By the way, your blog won't let people comment unless they have a blogger account. I had to sign in but don't use my account at the moment - I'm over at Errantry).