Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas List

Since a lot of family reads this blog, I wanted to go ahead and give you a few ideas for the kids for Christmas. I'm notorious for giving out last minute Christmas lists, leaving those organized family members scrambling to find something for the kids amidst the holiday frenzy. So, here's the short list to get you off to an early start.
Finn's List:
1. Small spiral notepads- they're perfect for taking food orders and ripping pages out to adorn the floor
2. Sticks, any size or shape- these are very versatile toys and are commonly used as laser guns, fishing poles, swords, and phones.

3. Tape- the most recent discovery, used for displaying art, found notes, blank pieces of paper.

Audrie's list:

1. Spy gear- after picking up the Spy's Guidebook from a free box at a curriculum sale, she is all about becoming the next 007. Any old gadgets like a broken remote control can become an ultra super awesome spy phone that attaches to the wrist.

2. Pigeon- this just made the list this morning. With her professional spy career in full swing, she thought it would be great to catch a pigeon and train it to carry messages to secret headquarters. I suggested using the postal service. That's not discreet, though.
3.Pink laptop- yes, that's right, my seven year old wants a pink laptop, plus a cell phone. I have informed the child of the costs of such things, but she has all it figured out. "Mom, Santa can bring me a laptop that way you don't have to pay for it!" Yep, she has it all figured out. In the meantime, she has made her own laptop with a mouse and iPod player to last her until Christmas.

Maybe this is the year we should finally get her that puppy that's she's been wanting since she could say the word! Can you say diversion?
And, lastly, something for both lists.
Box- a good large box. It's just about the perfect toy any kid could have. It's diversity in the toy realm is remarkable. There always seems to be a use for it no matter what's being imagined. In our house, boxes are most often used as boats. They have, however, been lengthy trains, dream homes, robot costumes, and caves, among other things. My kids never grow tired of just a plain old box.

Hope this list helps! ;)
Nessa Dee


Kristi Valiant said...

Well, one thing they don't need for Christmas is a wonderful, active imagination. They both clearly have that already!

Abby said...

No kidding - I just found out that my great uncle trained carrier pigeons. What a random hobby!?! Those two are always on a new adventure!

Susan Roeder said...

So, when does Target put broken remote controls and sticks on sale? And are these the 4am Friday after Thanksgiving shopping must-have toys this year? I may have to give them counterfeits. :) Actually, my favorite toy one whole summer as a kid was an empty 55 gallon barrel that had been hollowed out. I love how you are giving your children the greatest gift of all - your time, attention and massive creativity.

yoon see said...

Thanks for your great list, it certainly helps:)