Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ms. Peacock and the Reluctant Pirate

I have successfully made it through another year of last minute costume making. I have a commitment, an obsession really, to make my kids costumes each year. This year was quite an ordeal for Audrie of deciding what to be for Halloween. Finn had his mind set, though. For weeks now he has been adamant about being a "big scary man," whatever that entails. It wasn't until Monday, when I demanded that Audrie decide her costume so we could get the supplies that Finn changed his mind. He is now going as a pirate (who doesn't do anything), and I am sooo relieved that I don't have to come up with some scary man costume that might or might not be sufficient for a very opinionated 2 year old. Plus, we already have a plethora of pirate gear! As for pictures of the decked out pirate, this is as close as I got:

Finn in a suit with a pirate hat thrown on the floor. He refused to dress up for portraits, not even to indulge his momma! Hopefully I can get some pictures when he's trick-or-treating, if he wears his costume.
Audrie finally decided on becoming a peacock, and after a trip to the craft store, a lot of hand stitching and hot glue covered fingertips...... ta-da!

Once she put on the costume, she spent the rest of the morning, and better part of the afternoon as Ms. Peacock, a very sophisticated bird with a British accent. I became Mrs. Blackbird, Finn was Mr. Dove, Gangy (my grandmother) became Mrs. Green Jay, and PaPa (my grandfather) was Mr. Blue Jay. We all lived in birdhouses, ate birdseed macaroni for lunch, and had a lovely time chatting, as birds tend to do. We'll see if the sophistication lasts once we accumulate and tear into the candy!

Happy Halloween!

Nessa Dee


Tammy said...

That peacock costume is amazing! I can't believe that is a "Whip Up" job. That would take me all year. And I love that grandma is Gangy. Have you seen Arrested Development?

Abby said...

The peacock is fab! So impressed. But aren't I always?

yoon see said...

Nice photos, cute costumes, wow happy Halloween mood with pumpkin crafts....
Priceless sweet memories ND!