Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting Anew

A little late, but the Christmas celebrations have finally come to an end. We gathered with my side of the family over the weekend and celebrated with our usual Christmas meal of Mexican food, the exchange of gifts, a mean round of dominoes, and all of the laughter that comes with a family get together.
My brother, who flew in from Africa on New Year's Day, greeted us with this shiner. Apparently, if you go all day without eating and are in the sun for quite some time, you're prone to fainting. And if you faint near an object with corners, say a computer, you are likely to hit it with your eye which can result in a fair amount of bruising. At least it wasn't from getting hit by a drunk soldier with an AK-47, which was his first story.

Since we've just now finished with the Christmas festivities, I feel like I haven't yet started the new year. It's going to take a little bit of time to recuperate from the celebrations and get back into the swing of everyday life. I'm excited, though. A new year brings with it so much promise. I'm ready to make some changes and get started on my new year's resolutions. But first, I have to write them.
Well, it's off to packing up my Christmas decor, cleaning the house, finding a place for the new toys, writing my new year's resolutions, etc., etc.

Nessa Dee

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