Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My little girl turned eight today.
She awoke to a table full of presents.
She ate cinnamon toast for breakfast.
She wore her new skirt and shirt.
She played with her new toys (an electronic 20 questions game and a CSI kit).
She played restaurant with her brother.
She licked the icing bowl after helping me make cupcakes.
She had Sonic for lunch.
She played with her friends at the park.
She shared her cupcakes and enjoyed a couple herself.
She turned eight today and I didn't hyperventilate......until I heard her say "I'm almost ten!"
Happy birthday my dear, sweet girl!
I love you,


Donna VanCleve said...

I still feel that way about you, Ness. It still shocks me at times to see you as a wonderful Mom, gifted artist, and a very successful blogger who satisfies our ooh and ahhh meter weekly. I'm so glad you've taken up this endeavor! And I can't believe our little Audrie is 8. Sounds and looks like she had a great birthday. XOXOXOXO

Abby said...

Happy Birthday, Audrie! Maybe one day you'll get your Christmas/birthday/welcome to the world of sewing present from me ;)

yoon see said...

Happu Belated birthday:)

ezadrapa said...

And I can hardly believe it either, Audrie. It seems like only yesterday that the nurse was offering you to me in the labor room saying "Someone take this baby". I was holding out my arms to take you, and someone just came along beside me and said, "I'll take her." And do you know who it was? It was your MiMi. Can you believe she would do that to me? Anyway happy belated birthday Audrie. I'll have something for you the next time I see you. I love you, Nanna