Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spies Like Us


For the past year or so, my house has been under the watchful eye of an elite spy division. The agents, while in training, were spotted occasionally decoding messages, writing in invisible ink, working on sneaking skills, and designing spy headquarters. It wasn’t until the recent acquisition of a $2 garage sale “trench coat” and some spy worthy sunglasses that the agents have come out in full force.

Meet Agent 1 and Agent 3


I find them lurking down the hallway, hiding behind doors, setting up decoys under their covers, and constantly trying to sneak by in order to scare me. They carry around legitimate proof of their spy training, and tell you stories from the field (like ones involving a narrow escape from an enemy spider).


It’s not easy being under constant scrutiny….

spy5 spy10

but I guess I signed up for that when became a parent.


Nessa Dee

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Abby said...

I'll send you some old fur coats and a boom box. They can build a bonfire in the back yard and dance in the snow.

Kirk said...

That was a wonderful post.

Donna VanCleve said...

Okay, where's Agent 2?

nessadee said...

Audrie atrats with A which is the first letter of the alphabet hence the name Agent 1. Finn didn't want to be Agent 6 (F = 6th letter) and insisted on being Agent 3 (his age). Trixie is Agent SOS (Super Ornery Spy). All Audrie's ideas.

Emily said...

Popping up and scarring your parents is one of the 4 basic joys of childhood!

yoon see said...

They look like spies indeed, do you teach them to dress up?

yoon see said...

Wow! Audrie got all the credit, that's her ideas!
Please send my regard to her:)