Monday, June 8, 2009

Accidental Garden

I love gardens. I want a garden. I planned on having a garden this year. I didn’t plan on having a dog who eats every plant I stick in the ground. veggies Besides growing some potted tomato plants and herbs, I’ve never had a garden of my own. Growing up, we had a huge garden right next to our house along with peach trees and an orange tree. I loved getting out to pick the ripened crops, and I enjoyed helping my mom in the processes of cooking, canning, pickling, and freezing. As a child, there’s an excitement that comes with harvesting homegrown fruits and vegetables. I wanted my children to experience that excitement, so about 6 months before spring, I started to compost in order to provide some nice, organic fertilizer for my future garden. Then Trixie came along, and my gardening dreams quickly vanished along with my flowers. She removed several plants from my flowerbeds, dug up every last bit of our weed blocking liner, and even ate the produce cuttings I added to my compost bin. So, I gave up on the spring garden idea, pulled my compost bin around the side of the house, and forgot it existed. Once spring rolled around, I bought a few potted tomato plants, planted some onions in my front flower beds (we’re probably not going to get “yard of the month” anytime soon), and figured the kids could help Gangy and PaPa pick vegetables from their garden. End of story. It wasn’t until my grandparents came over to pick up something from my yard that I realized my compost bin had plans of its own. As I walked around to the seldom visited side yard, I was surprised to find the bin overflowing with a few large green plants. My grandmother quickly identified them as potatoes, and gave me the information I needed to see these plants through to harvest. (Basically I did nothing but watch for the blooms that indicated picking time.) I really didn’t expect anything to come from this plant. I thought it would bloom, I’d find no potatoes, the plant would die, become compost, and I’d forget about the whole thing. But, I underestimated the power of nature. The plant bloomed…I dug… and I found…potatoes

I was so excited, I mean, really excited, SUPER excited. Out of all my gardening experiences, this was off the charts! I didn’t do anything but throw a few potato cuttings in a bucket, and now I have fresh potatoes. How awesome is that? I let my kids share in the excitement by allowing them to pick the potatoes. I don’t think they appreciated the situation as much as I did, but they did enjoy the harvest. As for the rest of my gardening endeavors, my onions (pictured above along with some fresh green beans and a tomato from my grandparents’ garden) well, they’re fairing well. My tomatoes are a dismal failure (they were dying in their pots so I transplanted them in the backyard and my dog has eaten the only three ripening fruits we’ve had). And the kids have enjoyed helping their great-grandparents pick beans. But nothing beats delighting in the fruits of my laziness.


Nessa Dee


Elisabel said...

How exciting!!! I just planted a veggie garden for the first time ever! I am watching the little plants grow and I am shocked at how exciting it is to tend to it. Your doggy sounds alot like mine, mine was eating the flowers in the front yard but we broke that habbit quick! He doesn't like it when we raise our voice to him so when I caught him doing it, I scolded him and it worked! haha. wish you the best on your harvest!

Tammy said...

I bet they'll be the best potatoes you've ever tasted.

yoon see said...

Wow! You make me laugh here and I want to try too:)
Content and super satisfy, rock!