Thursday, November 4, 2010

The BIG News…

Over the summer I had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate two children’s books for the talented Sidonie Despax. She contacted me with her stories and the idea of having personalized children’s books with not only their names incorporated into the stories, but their faces as well. So for eight weeks I neglected my family, house, and self and went to work creating the illustrations. I am pleased as punch to finally show you the results.

Presenting the Scallywag Press books!





Finn and Audrie each received a copy of the book personalized with their pictures, as well as pictures of Mom and Dad. They were absolutely mesmerized. As a child, there’s something so fascinating about seeing yourself in some sort of media be it the newspaper, TV, or books. These books are a big hit with my kids. They can’t put them down.

book5 book7

The book itself, [Your Child] Gets Down to Work, is a cute poem about the child exploring what he wants to be when he grows up. The author is from Australia, so it has an Australian flare to the story, but my kids didn’t mind at all. Again, they were fascinated by the fact that their names and pictures were throughout the book.


The other book I illustrated was 10 out of 10 for [your child]. It’s a counting book for younger children, and Sidonie herself put all of the backgrounds together. I just illustrated the characters for each scene.

I’m so glad to have been contacted by Sidonie and to have this fantastic opportunity to illustrate these books. Sidonie was a pleasure to work with, and her books are sure to be treasures in any home. To find out more about Sidonie and her books and purchase information visit her site, Scallywag Press.

And if you want see a little more about me, check out the About Us page on the site.

I’m just as mesmerized seeing my face on the Scallywag Press site as my kids are seeing their faces in the books!


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Jade said...

you are so the bomb diggity. :) Woo!!!!

Jenna said...

yay!!! All that work! It's awesome!

Desiree Cassidy said...

Hahaha, so cool! I want a childrens book with me face in it, hehe :)