Monday, November 8, 2010


Nothing like a wedding, in this case my baby cousin’s wedding, to get the family together. It’s hard for me to believe that RJ, my little cousin, the one we always picked on when we were growing up, is now a married man. Mind boggling. You always know that these milestones in life we’ll come around eventually, but when they’re here it makes you realize just how quickly life goes by.


[I love this picture. This is RJ, tears in his eyes, watching his bride to be walk down the aisle. So sweet.]


As you can see, Audrie was one of the flower girls for the wedding, along with Kim’s [the bride] daughter, and her son was the ring bearer.


[RJ and his sister, Jenna]


[ mom of the groom, watching the ceremony]

The whole wedding was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the ceremony was sweet.

rjandkim3 swing

After all of the formalities, the Casey clan took to the usual pattern of acting a little goofy.


[Cousin Kyle donning Finn’s tie]


[Finn donning a golf ball eye]

jenna DSC_0521


lance1 lance2[Mr. GQ Lance before he realized I was taking his picture] [and after]


[Finn’s response to getting his picture taken with family]


[Our attempt to get him in the picture]


[The bronze sculptures at the venue]


[This picture cracks me up. I thought I was capturing this great picture of my grandpa’s pensive look, but there’s a bit of a distraction in the background]


[I have no idea where Lance gets his goofiness from.]

RJ is the second out of ten Casey grandchildren to tie the knot. The first? Well, I bet you can guess. I had to wait ten years before I was joined on the other side by one of my cousins. Of course, I was just a baby when I got married. Serves me right.

casey-grandkids1 [Casey grandkids sans two]

We’re so glad to have Kim and her kids as a part of our family. RJ, not only did you gain a wife and kids, but we gained wonderful additions to our family.

You did good man.



nessa dee