Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At the park

This is what we do while Audrie is at piano lessons…





unless it’s 100 degrees. Then you’ll find us at Target.

Today I decided not to change out of my painting clothes before we went out in public. Neither of my kids told me that I had a big hole in the back of my paint covered stretchy pants. Real classy, especially when you pair it with the child in a mid drift tank top. In his defense, Finn was dressed as an army man. I had no excuse.  When I sat on the ground, the ants saw my holy pants as an invite to a nice, shady world. I found myself hiding behind the playscape trying to dig out the culprit who was happily stinging my right cheek. I realized too late that I was still in view of the people driving by the park who caught a glimpse of the crazy hobo woman with her hand down the back of her pants.

It was not my proudest moment.


nessa dee

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Anonymous said...

You stay classy Pflugerville!!!! You make your brother proud Sis. Hope all is well in Tejas!