Thursday, September 29, 2011


Finn ran upstairs the other day crying, stating that he needed to go to the dentist. His tooth was wiggling which can be quite disconcerting for someone who had plans for keeping all of his baby teeth. I reassured him that losing teeth was normal for all children. I showed him pictures of a toothless Audrie, and we laughed.

The next day, Finn bit into an apple. His tooth succumbed to the pressure and bent forward and began to bleed…a lot. This, of course, produced more fears and tears. I reassured him that this, too, was normal as I tried to keep from passing out at the sight of the bloody, dangling tooth.

The next day, while eating a wholesome breakfast of powdered donuts in the car, his tongue finished the job of pushing that tiny tooth out of his mouth. And just like that, Finn hit another milestone…he lost his first tooth.



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