Monday, November 7, 2011

hello, Monday.

This morning…

:: I’m frustrated by the never ending, always growing list of must do things that need to be done before I can get to the never ending, always growing list of want to do things.

:: I’m wondering why things tend to break in groups of 3 rather than one thing at a time.

:: I’m gearing up for a remake of The Beverly Hillbillies when the family heads for LA on Thursday.

:: I’m wondering why I chose to paint a sample color on the front of my cabinets knowing full well that I probably won’t paint my cabinets before everyone comes for Christmas.


Who am I kidding? I’ll do good to get them painted by Christmas of 2012.

:: I’m considering getting this personal trainer to help me reach my workout goals. He seems to be on the cutting edge of exercise science.

Then again, maybe not.

Happy Monday!


nessa dee

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