Friday, December 16, 2011

I thought I was a wizard

A couple of days ago, Audrie ran inside yelling that we had an owl in our backyard, but that it looked a little strange. I was thinking that this must be some sort of sign given that this was our third encounter with an owl in half a year. Since we’ve been listening to the Harry Potter series for the past couple of months, I naturally thought that we must be wizards. So I grabbed my wand and camera, and ran outside to capture this owl on film and intercept any messages that it might be bringing from the wizarding world. After trying several times to transfigure myself into a bird [all that Hogwart’s training has been useless] I gave up and took pictures of our feathered friend from far below the tree on which it was perched, only to discover that it was not a strange looking owl, but rather a large hawk enjoying a lovely meal of mangled squirrel. I snapped a couple of pictures, threw my paintbrush, I mean, wand down, and gave up on the prospect of being a wizard, and then ran back inside and wrote a howler to Dumbledore for even tempting me with the prospect of being super human.

[Warning: These pictures contain images of a mangled squirrel. Please don’t look if you are easily grossed out, like me. I posted these with my eyes shut.]





[The last three pictures were taken by Audrie]

So much for my future career.


nessa dee

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