Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello, Monday!

This morning I’m…

::Frustrated with the problems I've been having with my blog. Even my programmer husband couldn't figure it out. I don't know what to do. It's become a huge time suck to get one post done, and I hate having ugly blog posts and a messed up header. GRRRRR!!

:: Enjoying the gorgeous colors that are surrounding my house at the moment. Our unusually warm February temperatures have resulted in and early show of spring.

The purple mountain laurels are my absolute favorite. I didn’t even know they were blooming until I walked outside and caught a whiff of grape Kool-aid. They smell exactly like that sugary sweet childhood drink. A treat for the senses!

:: Trying to put the finishing touches on Audrie’s room.

We spent Saturday cleaning it, getting rid of old clothes and unused toys, and trying to rid one little girl of her hoarding tendencies. We also found a cute new accessory for her room, as well as had a lot of fun with spray paint.

I’ll show you more soon, but we are in the process of moving a larger bed into her room, so we’re not quite finished.

:: I’m also loving the little additions of spring color that I’m adding to the home. I bought these pretty little kill-proof plants at Ikea, just to add a touch of green to the breakfast room…

I’d show them to you set up on my table, but I’m finally getting to putting the final coat of paint on the banquette, and my table is sitting in front of my back door at the moment.

:: We are anxiously counting down the days until mid March. We have two weeks to find out some BIG news. Which reminds me that I have not shared some BIG news with you. I will, but not yet. I’ll make you sweat it out for a few days. Until then…

Happy Monday!


nessa dee

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