Friday, September 7, 2012

Crafty Friday: Braided Necklaces

I figured if I'm ever going to get these craft projects posted earlier in the day, I'm going to have to start getting organized and doing the projects earlier in the week. That, or change the posts to Crafty Saturdays.

This project is as simple as its name sounds. If you know how to braid and have a bunch of fabric scraps, then you've got this project in the bag. First of all, you need a bunch of fabric scraps cut into long strips, long enough to fit over your head when the ends are tied together.

Next, take 3 strips and tie them together at one end like so:

BUT make sure you leave a little more excess fabric to be able to tie the necklace together once it's finished. I forgot to do so with the first attempt.

Then, start braiding. You can use your toes to hold one end...

BUT make sure you get a pedicure before taking pictures and posting them on your blog, which I also forgot to do.

After you're finished braiding, secure the other end with a knot.

Finally, tie the necklace around your neck.

You can also use shorter scraps to make bracelets.

Wider braids for hat bands...

And not to forget the boys, these little suckers can be used as awesome tribal headbands...

Happy crafting!


nessa dee


The Watkins said...

I saw the nursery you posted on houzz. Love those stripes! And the color. How wide is each one? 6 inches? Thanks.

Your cuz RJ said...

Love your models. Where ever did you find them?