Thursday, July 18, 2013

Camp Shakamalaca

Several years ago, in an effort to get my kids to get to know and spend time with their new cousins, my cousin , Jenna, planned a summer trip full of activities just for the kids. It was dubbed Camp Shakamalaca, a silly name Jenna had been calling Audrie for years. It was the start of a new tradition. 

This year's camp was held at my aunt and uncle's [Jenna's parents] lake house, and was conducted just like a summer camp thanks to the creative planning of several family members. Each camper had their own notebook with the camp itinerary, and the days were filled with arts and crafts, nature walks, swimming, scavenger hunts, various lessons including knot tying and boat floating, fishing, and games. The campers were expected to make-up their beds, and help with the cooking and clean-up. The kids had an absolute blast.

Thanks so much, Jenna, Tio Jay, Aunt Joy, Mom, and Papa for organizing this camp!

nessa dee

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Tammy Shumway said...

This is a great idea.