Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Achieved

What do you get when you have six Christmas celebrations at four different houses over the span of seven days with one camera in hand? 

2,000 Lego pieces, 747 pictures to process, and adult onset diabetes.

We celebrated with my family the weekend before Christmas. My brother flew in and surprised my mom, something he's done at least four times. My mom has cried every time, though this time was especially sweet. This was our first Christmas without my grandmother, her mother, and her absence was felt immensely, but having my brother here, and our family together helped to ease that pang in our hearts.

My brother flew out on Monday, and we made our way down to Houston to spend the rest of the week with my in-laws. This was our first stay in their new house on the farm. My in-laws have had a long, hard year after selling their house in January. They downsized to a small kitchenette/office area in the back of a barn that they outfitted with bedrooms and a bathroom, and lived there for almost a year while they built two grain bins from the ground up, grew and harvested milo and grass, and eventually built a house that they were able to move into just after Thanksgiving. 

One of the biggest benefits to living on a grass farm is that this is your backyard:

We had a wonderful time, shared Christmas with a lot of family, ate way too many sweets, and stayed up way too late every night. If I ever come off of my sugar high, I'm going to take a nap, and then share the rest of my pictures with you. [Only 738 more!]

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! 
nessa dee

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