Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!

November flew by, as the months seem to do these days. We spent Thanksgiving week visiting family and bringing them good tidings of snot noses. Despite our colds, we had a wonderful time stuffing our faces, celebrating a birthday [mine], and stuffing our faces some more. In addition to celebratory eating, I was also able to finish up the Picture Book Idea Month and Sketch a Day Month challenges. Here are some sketches from last week:

I'm excited to start developing my picture book ideas further, and see some of these sketches to full color portfolio pieces. December is chock full of to-do's and my list seems to grow by the minute. Between shopping, painting, parties, and crafting [Yes crafting!!], this month will be over before I can blink, so I better start checking things off my list!

Happy Monday!
Happy December!
nessa dee

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Trisha said...

You are so talented, I love your sketches!