Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My sweet baby boy turned two today, and once again I marvel at how quickly time flies by.

Sweet August Huxley, what a joy you are. You haven't slowed down since the day you were born. You try so hard to keep up with your older siblings, not an easy task when there are eight and eleven years separating you from your brother and sister, but you're doing a pretty good job of trying to close that gap. You are quite the ham. You love to sing and dance, and you don't like to share the spotlight. You are independent and can protest loudly when help is offered. You jump over, on top of, around, off of anything in your way. Every time we leave the house, you have to jump over the threshold. It makes me smile every time. You love your brother and sister so much, and mimic them every chance you get. You talk as much as any other Roeder (which is quite a lot), and you have the sweetest little voice, especially when you sing. You make us laugh everyday.

August, you have us all quite smitten. 
Happy birthday, little man.
 I'll eat you up. I love you so.


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