Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday...the new Sunday

Did I say I was going to post some more pictures on Sunday? Uh....by Sunday, I actually meant Tuesday. Due to some unforeseen events (Internet problems, my daughter's short-lived virus which reared its ugly head after viewing the first 10 minutes of WALL-E at the theater), time jumped and it's now 2 days after I promised to post some of my favorite color pictures. (Don't worry, the theater kindly gave us a rain check, and we went back to view the rest of WALL-E last night. I highly recommend it!) Oh, and I was safely reunited with my camera which happened to have a few more pictures on it than when I left it a week ago. I'll post about that in the days to come.
As promised, some of my favorite color shots:

I think I got a litttle carried away. Remind me to never try to narrow down 5 years worth of pictures into a few favorites again. I think it might be Wednesday already with the amount of time I've been sitting here.



Donna VanCleve said...

Beautiful pictures. The kids are growing up way too fast!

Your cousin RJ said...

can't wait to see some of the "extra images" on your camera. And i agree with your mom, they are growing up too fast.

AWells said...

Great Pictures! Do you live in Chicago? I recognize the bean!