Friday, March 13, 2009

If I Neglect Everything Else...

...and just focus on art, look what I can get done in two days!

Okay, I confess that the last one was painted a while ago, but I did get 5 paintings done, plus two more started, and this includes making the canvases! To top that off I'm working on finishing up a commissioned piece. These pieces plus a few others and some prints will be selling at our Etsy Austin Street Team table at SXSW over the next two weekends. Check out our mock set up in the garage of a fellow member. Pretty exciting!
Again, if you're in the Austin area come by and visit us! Just don't drop by my received the brunt of my neglect.


Abby said...

Hey! We're coming to Austin next weekend! Y'all available to hang out? We'll be in Fredricksburg Saturday, I think, and Austin on Sunday. Let me know! Love your paintings (esp the pear...might have to get one of those for my new kitchen!)

JillP said...

Your atwork is beautiful! How did you do last weekend?