Friday, September 18, 2009

Crafty Friday: Weenie Dog

This week’s Crafty Friday project was invented by Audrie, and I’m glad because my mind’s been lacking in the creative craft department lately.

Here’s what you need:

1 cardboard paper towel tube

2 pieces of construction paper (the same color)

2 buttons

4 plastic soda bottle lids

1 small pompon for a nose

paint the same color as the construction paper




Step 1: Wrap the paper towel tube with one piece of the construction paper and secure it with glue. (In Audrie’s words “we were lazy” and secured it with tape)


Step 2: Trace a circle onto the second piece of construction paper and cut it out.

DSC_0018 Step 3: Cut a line about half way into the circle, then overlap the edges to for a cone shape and secure it with tape.

cut1 wrap

Step 4: Glue the cone onto one end of the paper towel tube.

Step 5: Paint each of the soda bottle lids the same color as the construction paper and set them aside to dry.


Step 6: While the paint is drying, cut out two long ears for the weenie dog and glue them to either side of the cone.


Step 7: Cut a long strip for the tail and attach it to the end of the tube.

Step 8: For the eyes, glue two buttons on the face. Add a pompon to the tip of the nose. For the feet, glue the soda bottle caps on the bottom of the tube, two in the front and two in the back, and you’re finished!



Happy Crafting!

nessa dee


Owl Eng said...

this is very nice!! it seems easy to make yet it looks so fantastic

Amy C said...

this is so cute, I love weenie dogs, I saw one on this weekend..........sooooo cute

Asja said...

oh, this is so cute!