Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Blues

Can you hear that? That’s the the sound of two wailing kids. Not because we missed creating on this Crafty Friday. Not because I didn’t feed them donuts this morning [because I did.] Not because I so lovingly took them down to visit their PaPa on Wednesday [I did that, too.] It’s because in the most evil act of all momdom… I made them come home on Thursday. You see, visiting their PaPa is like going to Disneyland, if Disneyland were filled with stray dogs, wild cats, red dirt, chickens, tractors, horses, mud holes, cows, a barn, a miniature donkey, and a pig named Bertha. But, it was a quick trip, and we had to come home, and I am now a mean person for dragging them away from their dream vacation.

cry1 I am also without camera, which I left in my brother’s car. So, I’ll share pictures after my camera and I are reunited. Until then, you may hear me wailing just a bit.


nessa dee

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encaracolada said...

wow what a pity. But nobody and nothing can be perfect always... cheer up! Hope your children forget eassily...