Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My painting’s in a magazine! Well, sort of.

Here’s the story on how my painting made its way into Dwell magazine this month [kind of, sort of].

Meet Aaron:


Aaron is a good friend of my brother’s. They met in college while working together in EMS. [And since I like to bum friends off my brother, Aaron is my friend, too.]

Aaron now resides in east Austin. When my brother’s in town for a family visit, he usually goes downtown to visit Aaron as well. [and sometimes, I get to go along and join in on the fun.] Well, on one of his visits to Aaron’s [sans me], my brother took a painting of mine to show Aaron. The painting never made it home. It wasn’t even finished. I had yet to sign the piece and take pictures of it for my portfolio.

I finally made it to Aaron’s last Thanksgiving when, thanks to my brother, we all went together hang out with the governor of Texas. I won’t get into the details because I’m already straying from the topic, but we had a blast, and I finally got to sign the painting and take pictures.

So here it is, happily residing on the entry wall of Aaron’s place:



collage3 collage2

Oh, and did I mention that Aaron lives in a super cool, super modern, mustard yellow duplex? Well, he does. The duplex is so hip that Dwell magazine has featured it in an article entitled “The New American Home.” Here it is:


[Dwell Magazine]

So, the article didn’t actually feature the interior of the duplex [which is just as cool as the outside], but I can now say my painting is in a house that’s in a magazine. My painting’s in a house that’s in a magazine. See how that works?


nessa dee


Amy C said...

whaooo thats totally cool and fantastic, I love Dwell magazine

Donna VanCleve said...

Wow. It's just now sunk in. I'll have to get a copy of that issue.

thedoodlegirl said...

What a great story! Cool house, and your artwork is extremely impressive! Your piece should have been on the cover of that magazine!!

Beth H said...

cool story! way cool house. and i love your painting! they should have featured it in the mag.

Debbie Egizio said...

How cool, but they should have put your painting on the pages of the magazine! I'm sure that it would have made the article much better! ;)

Debbie Egizio said...

Hey there, I'm back with some news. You won the Dream box at my 200th post party give-away. Please email me the address where you would like me to send it.


Debbie Egizio