Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look What I Won…

Ok, I’m a little late posting this, like over a month late. Eek! [I’m still trying to find where October went. If I do I’ll let you know.] Back in September, a very talented artist held a contest to celebrate her 200th blog post, and I bet you’ll never guess who won…that’s right, me!

The very talented Debbie Egizio gave this as her prize:


It’s a beautifully crafted, mixed media dream box. It is covered in lovely collaged elements, and the inside of the box holds four little cards labeled ‘dreams’ ‘hopes’ ‘wishes’ and ‘prayers.’


It’s such a wonderful little storage box for life’s expectations an desire, and might I add that it matches one of my paintings perfectly. That’s part of the reason why it’s taken me so long to post about it because I’ve been enjoying it in my curio cabinet on display next to the painting. Debbie creates beautiful artwork and if you get a chance, check out her site and her shop.


Thank you Debbie! I love it and am delighted to have one of your pieces in my home!

nessa dee


encaracolada said...

What a great box! Congratulations!

Debbie Egizio said...

Oh, Nessa you are sooooo sweet! I'm so glad that you like the box!!! How amazing is it that it matches one of your paintings? Life is so serendipitous some times. Well, thank you again for a sweet post and I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true. Don't forget to write them down and keep them safe in that little dream box. Take care sweet girl!!

See ya,