Monday, November 2, 2009

Sermon Notes

I had an English teacher who allowed us to doodle on our notes while she gave the lesson. She had read a study that showed people were able to retain more information while drawing and listening as opposed to listening alone. I took that to heart. [Obviously, since I still remember it from 7th grade.] Whether it’s true or not, I use it as an excuse to explore the world of design while sitting in church. Some little part of me wants to become a fabric designer, but with a lot of other projects on my plate at the moment, I don’t need to spend a great deal of time pursuing a thought that pops into my brain every once in a while. So once a week, for about thirty minutes, I jot down little designs in the corners of my sermon notes. I save all my notes because, who knows, one day I might just have to give fabric design a shot.

notes1 notes2 notes3 notes4

notes6 notes7

And yes, I still hear the sermon.


nessa dee


Tammy said...

I hope one day you do become a fabric designer. These are amazing! I would love to buy your fabric.

Asja said...

I'd love to buy your fabric too! Your designs are beautiful!

encaracolada said...

I just love them, they are so nice! I´ve been all my life doing the same in class, I can´t help it and it really helps to focus on. The last one with the balloon is so similar to one I did once!

Coreopsis said...

That's funny that a teacher would say that and "allow" the kids to doodle. I'm a teacher, and it never would have occurred to me to tell kids NOT to doodle. But that's maybe because I doodled in my notes my entire life, and not a single teacher ever said anything about it except for one horrible World History teacher, who wouldn't let me do that, or write, or read books, so I dropped her class and took another art class instead.

These are really beautiful doodles.

mindy~ree said...

ooooooooh so pretty!!!!!