Sunday, January 17, 2010

Audrie’s Room

Remember a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I once promised to show my kid’s rooms on the web? And then not quite so long ago, but still pretty long ago, I revealed Finn’s room to the world. Then I decided to wait forever, anticipating that you would forget [ like me] that I actually have two kids’ rooms in my house. So, I should have posted the second room way back when, but as life tends to get in the way, and stuff remained unfinished in the other child’s room, I made my excuses, and went about my merry blogging way. But, fate stepped in recently and forced me to not only finish the room [to an extent] but take pictures as well. So, thanks to the recent decision to put our house on the market, [thus the sporadic blogging and mentions of super duper house cleaning/reorganization] I have pictures of my daughter’s room. TA-DAH!



Okay, I might actually have to take more pictures with details. But hopefully this will do for now. I find that a lot of my time is taken up these days with trying to keep my house immaculate with two kids and a dog in the home 24/7. They don’t quite like my game of “Let’s sit on the couch and not touch anything all day!”

Now, if anyone knows someone who wants to but a house with some custom painted kids’ rooms in the burbs of Austin, let me know.


nessa dee


Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Beautiful. Thank you!

My Life as a Davis said...

So, how is the parents' room decorated??

thedoodlegirl said...

WOOOOOW! You are amazing. Just gorgeous!