Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey there! I’m still here. I’ve been dealing with intermittent internet [say that three times fast] and trying to get my house put back together after emptying all of the closets, drawers, baskets and bins. It’s not been fun, but oh it feels so good to open a closet door and not face a disaster zone. My house has never looked cleaner. I might even post pictures later. Right now, though here’s some nighttime scenes from our casa, taken by Jonathan at 3AM.




I think that last one’s pretty awesome. Well, they’re all pretty awesome.

I’ll be back soon with more news and hopefully get my shop updated.


nessa dee


The Macchio Family said...

Those photos are amazing... and 3 AM? That's dedication... Maybe I should get up at 3 AM and see what our sky looks like... on second thought... (o; ~ kim

thedoodlegirl said...

intermittent internet intermittent internet intermittent internet! Hee, hee, I did it! WOWZA, what a sky!!