Thursday, January 7, 2010



Wow! I can’t believe my little baby girl is nine today. It just boggles my mind how quickly time passes. Last night we told you all about the day we met you. You smiled and giggled as we reminisced . This morning we sang “Happy Birthday to You,” had cake for breakfast, and you opened your presents. Nine years…it goes by quickly.


Age nine:

*You draw all the time. You are always designing rooms, making up games, imagining mythical creatures with detailed descriptions of their characteristics.

*You love to read. Every time I turn around, if you’re not drawing, you have your nose in a book. You read while I shop, and I have to keep telling you to pay attention to where you’re going. This was you on Christmas Eve after opening all of your presents:


Your favorites include the Nancy Drew series, anything by Jack Prelutzky, The Time Warp Trio, any story that involves animals, and the Percy Jackson series.

*You have an extensive vocabulary, and you’re fearless when it comes to using new words, though not always correctly. You love wordplay and are always thinking of puns and creative uses for words.

*You love to sew and are working on a series of felt animals to eventually sell.

*You are becoming quite the piano player and though we are trying to get you to better your music reading skills, you prefer to play by ear.

*You read and write poems all the time. Some mornings I go into your room to get on to you for not getting up, and I find you sitting in bed, writing a poem.

*You’d make every day a pj day if I let you.

*You love teaching your brother things and quizzing him later. You are very patient with him and make time to play with him. You two have a lot of fun together even though there’s a five and half year age difference.

*You play soccer year round now, and you have so much fun with your team.

*You and Finn and Daddy love to snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons together. Currently you are watching Avatar to prepare for the upcoming movie.

*You are still one of the sweetest persons I know, and I’m so very thankful and feel so blessed that God picked me to be your mommy.

nine3 nine1

I love you, sweet Audball.


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thedoodlegirl said...

What a beautiful post. She sounds like an extraordinary little girl! Your Christmas tree is a work of art!!