Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I finally decided change my winter header into something more spring-like. Since I can’t upload and edit photos right now, I had to do something to update my blog, so a new look was the answer. I’m currently working on a couple of new paintings for spring, and the header was inspired by one of them.

In other news, changes in our housing situation are on the horizon, but they’re not quite in focus yet. We have to be out of our house in just over a month, but we’ve yet to find another abode. You’d hardly know it by looking at us, though. I think we’re in denial because we haven’t started packing anything. Oh well, we’re last minute kind of people anyway. We work better under pressure.

And I can’t talk about changes without mentioning the season. After an unusually cold and wet winter, the appearance of sunshine, spring green, and flowers was much anticipated. I’ve been enjoying so, the serenading songs of the birds who were just as confused about our weather as we were. The poor things kept trying to come out and sing when the weather showed hints of warmth, but then were caught by surprise in a central Texas snowstorm. I think the warmer weather is here to stay now, though as I type this, grey clouds and rain fill the sky. But on those sunny days we’re outside, soaking in our vitamin D. We’ve already waded through ponds in bare feet, made grassy stick and stone soup, collected treasures on nature walks, and just basked in the sun’s rays. All of this is documented in pictures that are waiting to be shared.

And since I can’t post without leaving some kind of visual reference, here’s a picture. I took this of Jonathan several weeks ago. It was a camera mishap and was way overexposed, but I kind of like the ghostly effect. It looks like modern art.

DSC_0202 Anyhoo, I hope to have new pictures for the next post.

Until then,

nessa dee

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