Friday, April 9, 2010


There’s nothing like a good Easter egg hunt to exhibit different personalities in children.


Our three participants had about 75 eggs loaded with goodies scattered around the lawn. [Yeah, we’re not ridiculous at all.]

Audrie, being the mature 9 year old that she is, limited her booty to only the “difficult to find and reach” eggs. The rest of her time was spent spotting the “easy to find” eggs, calling her toddler cousin, and waiting patiently to help him gather the treasure. She even denied several eggs based on the fact that she already had an egg of that size or color.

egghunt2 egghunt5

Cousin Gavin spent the majority of his time chasing Audrie around because she had an Easter basket that he so desperately wanted.


He gave up eventually and decided that egg hunting was the more worthwhile endeavor.


Finn, well I’ll just let the picture speak to his nature:

egghunt7 After the egg hunt came the sorting.

Audrie meticulously studied and sorted each egg and its contents. Candy aside, she bargained and traded to get a matching set of animal eggs to establish a farm for future playtime.


egghunt10 Gavin enjoyed opening each egg and then distributing its contents to any willing takers.


I became the recipient of some tasty animal crackers which he joyfully fed to me, and I happily obliged.


After gathering an exorbitant amount of eggs, Finn resorted to a role of Easter basket security guard/candy eater extraordinaire. The best way he found to perform his task was the “wrap your legs around the basket and don’t let the eggs out of your sight” method. He knew all too well the conniving trickery his parents would pull in order to snatch some chocolate.


He definitely made it difficult to satisfy a sweet tooth, but eventually kids have to go to bed, and parents can stay up late and eat a ridiculous amount of candy because they’re grown ups and can do whatever they want.

Not that I would ever do such a thing.


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Abbey said...

I love it! You captured the day and the kiddos' personalities so brilliantly.